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Why EMF Protection Devices Exist and How They Can Be a Shield for Us

February 14, 2016

The Importance of Protecting Yourself against EMF Why EMF Protection Devices Exist and How They Can Be a Shield for Us The current era we live in requires the majority of people in the world to work around modern technology and advanced machines. Let’s face it, as a part of dynamic urban there is not a day that we pass through without checking our cell phones, tablet, or laptop for email or chat notification. Little did we know, these devices apparently emit an element which is commonly known as EMF. What is EMF? How does it affect our health and if so, is there any way to prevent it or lesser the impact? You will find the answers below. What...

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Everything You Wanted to Know About The Dangers of Cellphone Radiation

February 09, 2016

As with other things, technology has its own flaws and downsides. Despite the fact that technology has improved the way our lives function and operate, it does have its own consequence. The thing that has been an ongoing controversy is about cell phone and its effect on our health. Over the years, there have been ongoing debates whether the cell phone radiation is dangerous to us or not. Some people say that the radiation can be pretty dangerous while some say that its frequency isn’t strong enough to cause medical conditions. The Worrying Facts Despite the claim that radiation from the cell phone can change your DNA and cause cancer, most people aren’t really concerned about it. Even the FDA...

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